We have worked with many government agencies to create websites easily updated by your average secretary or staff member.  We create a number of registration sites to facilitate paperless registrations for any and all types of seminars, Trainings, Events, Staff Events.  After the site is creaed we train you on the entire update process.  After the training you will be able to update text on all your sites pages.  You will be able to update and add photos as well as documents in any format.   You will receive a manual with step by step updating instructions.  The more advanced user will get trained on all other aspects of the site such as menu manipulation, site design and image layout and SEO(Search Engine Optimization).  The links below will link to some of our recent projects.

Bergen County Technical Schools
Bergen County Academies
Research at Bergen County Academies
Bergen County Academies Summer Programs
Bergen County Special Services

Bergen County Emergency Medical Services
Law and Public Safety Institute - POLICE
Bergen County Prosecuter's Office
Bergen County Speech Laguage & Hearing Association
Bergen County Special Services CAPE Center  
Law and Public Safety Institute - FIRE
New Jersey Guitar and Mandolin Society
Bergen County Tech and Adult Education Registration Application
BCA Summer Writing

Calendar Websites
Bergen County Technical Schools Paramus - BTDAILY HTML Calendar
BCA Micrscopy Lab Booking Calendar